True South Kite Party Puzzle

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Let’s fly a kite! Kites have a history of both practical and whimsical usefulness. Today, kites have become colorful, artistic tools for a footloose and fancy free Sunday funday in the park, just like artist Elizabeth Foster’s furry friends are enjoying. With her sweet puzzle art, even on the rainiest of have-to-stay-inside days, these high-flying contraptions are sure to bring a smile. 

  • True South puzzles are made with 80-point blue board, which creates a thicker puzzle piece with a more solid "hand."
  • All of our puzzles are stamped with metal dies made by one of the few artists in the world who creates jigsaw puzzle die masters by hand.
  • Puzzle images are created in a collaborative effort between artists and True South to highlight unique facts carefully researched about each location. Fun facts are listed on the back and inner sides of boxes.
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